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Why do 90% of New Real Estate Agents Quit?

So I have been working on a project at "FORE Institute." Our 2020 mission is to deliver exceptional easy to implement strategies that are the real keys to rapid success. We had to go in-depth and specific. We have been documenting everything that I have learned personally, professionally, from so many exceptional individuals all over the world. I have been authoring all about the experience, people, places, best practices, and true-life testaments of how well our system works to make money fast, only by using the easy to follow MONEY 5 step system. We have created the only proven formula that enables new agents to be highly successful quickly.  Many agents I have worked with end up becoming Mega Agents. Helping others become successful was my New Years' resolution in January of 2019, and I committed myself to clarify the steps and help more new agents get into production quickly and avoid the financial pain I went through, and they will go through. This next decade is going to be remarkable for everyone, especially those ready to make real progress utilizing the M.O.N.E.Y. easy step by step system to get into production, making serious money quickly.  Anyone with a current real estate license that is interested in or needs to make money fast, please reach out to me. We will provide a free 30-minute strategy session, and let us see if we can help  shave years off their learning curve. 

Tap into these tips and secrets FORE has uncovered from years of experience and top notch mega agents around the country that you don't learn in real estate school.

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  • Top 5 concepts that must be mastered

  • What to do first and what not to do

  • Where to find your first deals


M.O.N.E.Y. Training

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The Top 5 Concepts That You Will Learn

Are you ready to take massive action and catapult your career?  Your next move is to sign up for a complimentary strategy session.

  1. Make money fast by attracting committed clients.

  2. Overcome objections and get to a yes.

  3. Network in your local market the right way and see significant results.

  4. Exemplify professional mastery by knowing precisely waht to do.

  5. Yield the knowledge and skills necessary to show up as an expert.

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