Welcome! Sean Sutton here in Austin Texas, founder of Fore Institute, the complete Foundations of Real Estate Training Program, where we help new and returning agents shave years off the brutal Real Estate learning curve. I know you want to eliminate the guesswork and avoid the pain of not knowing how to get your business going strong. 


You're ready to fast track your business, to learn, and make serious money quickly in real estate without wasting time. You have come to the right place. Before jumping into the industry, I had closed over 147 million dollars in sales for corporate business owners while only receiving nominal commissions during the last 20 years. 


I got tired of making everybody else wealthy, and finally got my Real Estate license. Imagine fast-forwarding your career with the knowledge of excellent mentors and incredible coaches. You can eliminate years of expensive, time-consuming, and exhausting training. Wouldn't you like to avoid that costly and challenging learning curve? 


I have gone from a completely broke new agent with no experience, that almost failed out, to be one of the most respected among my peers. When I was newly licensed, I went through years of trial and error, feast and famine. I was almost forced back into my old job, and I refused to settle for that.


I was exactly where you might be right now. If you are worried, concerned, and need to get going quickly, I can show you how to seriously rock your career and get on the fast track to success without all the hype. We have developed solutions for you that are easy to understand and put into action. We will teach you how to quickly get results that you need to succeed in your real estate business before it's too late.


I will show you exactly what works and what you can easily do to master this profession. We will show you how to shorten your learning curve from years to only days, weeks, and mere months. You will be able to virtually eliminate the fear of not making enough money by simply following our step by step system. 


How would you like to go from a new agent to a Mega Agent in record time, with the prestige and clout that you deserve? I am passionate about teaching my unique branded system to new and returning agents by helping them to ensure their success. 


So are you ready to stop wasting your valuable time and get into production quickly? Are you prepared to put the work in and get the knowledge in place to get the job done so you can start making serious money?

I struggled, barely making any money when I started my Real Estate career. It was painful, and I did a lot of hard labor jobs just to pay the bills while I learned the secrets of how to succeed in this business. When I was at my lowest point, I promised myself that when I mastered this profession, I would never let anyone suffer the way I did when I first started out. I felt so alone, and I could not tell anyone what I was going through and how scared I was about my finances. I didn’t think anyone could help me. 


I promised that I would share everything I learned to help others know precisely how to start making money in real estate quickly. I did not want anyone else to experience what I had to go through. So if you're new here, please go to foreinstitute.com where you can find all the links to everything we describe and offer. 


For a limited time, we are making available and offering to you the discounted M.O.N.E.Y. program.


You will be forever changed and able to rapidly grow and experience massive career expansion by taking just one of our programs. The trademarked M.O.N.E.Y workshop is set up to move your career forward dramatically. If you are serious about your real estate career and need to get into production quickly, please sign up for a complimentary quick strategy session. We want to ensure that this is a good fit for both of us. We do not offer this training to everyone. 

M.O.N.E.Y. Training

Training available in 4 different degrees of Intensity

1 Day Intensive Workshop

Foundational Realtor Success Strategies

3 Day Comprehensive Bootcamp

Critical Blueprint to Skyrocket Realtor Production

6 Week Virtual Training Lab

Real Estate Immersion Program Online

Accelerated V.I.P. Program

Accelerated Program Coached Independently

Our Top 5 Concepts That We Teach

  1. Make money fast by attracting committed clients.

  2. Overcome objections and get to a yes.

  3. Network in your local market the right way and see significant results.

  4. Exemplify professional mastery by knowing precisely waht to do.

  5. Yield the knowledge and skills necessary to show up as an expert.

Are you ready to take massive action and catapult your career?  Your next move is to sign up for a complimentary strategy session.

free VIDE0 THAT WILL show you how to catapult your real estate career

Tap into these tips and secrets FORE has uncovered from years of experience and top notch mega agents around the country that you don't learn in real estate school.

Get serious and explode your career now!


  • Top 5 concepts that must be mastered

  • What to do first and what not to do

  • Where to find your first deals