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Learn the foundations of realtor success that they don't teach you in school.

Tap into these tips and secrets FORE has developed from years of experience and from top notch mega agents around the country that you don't learn in real estate school.

Get serious and explode your career now!


  • Top 5 concepts for Sales Mastery

  • Fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Success

  • Where to find your first deals

Why do 90% of New Real Estate Agents Quit?

Learn The Top 5 Secrets for Sales Mastery

  1. Make money fast by attracting committed clients.

  2. Overcome objections and get to a yes.

  3. Network in your local market the right way and see significant results.

  4. Exemplify professional mastery by knowing precisely what to do.

  5. Yield the knowledge and skills necessary to show up as an expert.

Discover how to accelerate your learning curve and start doing real estate transactions immediately. Learn how to get into production and make MONEY right away with our fundamentally practical strategies.

Do you ever wonder why so many get into Real Estate and never last past their first year? Do you know you can start turning contacts into clients rapidly by using the methods we teach you in an easy to understand hands-on format? By applying our techniques and time-saving solutions, you will quickly be learning, discovering, and implementing advanced approaches that would typically take you years to master. You will surpass the competition at lighting speed.

What Students are Saying...

“FORE Institute will get you up to speed, into production rapidly and teach you what it takes to rock the competition. They know what it takes and what happens if you don't get the critical information right out of the gate.”

— Melissa S, Relo Specialist Austin

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Meet Your Trainer

Sean Sutton

Founder FORE Institute

I Understand the Struggle

When I began my career like many of you, I was struggling with how I was going to get paid, where to find clients and how to serve them in a way that would eventually pay me for my time. The learning curve is brutal. Our training will teach you critical actions to focus on as you can quickly progress from a new agent to MEGA agent, and having your own team if you choose. You won't have to go through the grueling first couple of years or more of trial and error. You will rocket to the top with our training and have the opportunity to reach the top 1% of the 1% in the real estate industry. We know exactly how to get you into production fast. We create exceptional agents that perform rapidly. 


Let me explain: Most new and returning agents have never had a direct line to the top that teaches and trains them systematically on precisely what to do in a relaxed but comprehensive step-by-step program. I am going to share with you exactly how I sold millions in real estate by showing you the critical fundamentals that will get you making money fast. Nobody teaches and trains agents as we do. You need the knowledge that we provide. So many agents don't know the most fundamental and essential skills. Unfortunately, they are forced out of the business because they don't know exactly how to do the business effectively, or they buy BS leads and software that promises significant returns, but it never does. We show you exactly how to start producing income rapidly. You need this training to catapult your career and avoid potentially failing out as more than 90% of new agents do. 


Unfortunately, if you don't figure out the real estate business quickly and you ignore the problem, you too will likely be one of the many that can't make it past their first year.  


The big questions new agents should be asking are: 


How do I start making money fast? 

How do I find the right clients, and overcome their objections? 

How do I effectively network in my local community and get BIG results? 

How do you show professional mastery if you don't know what to do? 

Where do you get the knowledge and skills necessary to show up as the neighborhood expert? 


If you want to start making money fast, you need to create new leads and get noticed as a confident professional that can find homes for buyers, and help sellers get top dollar for their properties. 


Can you imagine doing an open house that produces a flood of buyer and seller traffic, where you pick up several clients to fill your pipeline with business? We will show you exactly how to do all of those things, and you will start producing significant income that will enable you to grow and continue to develop your business at a massively accelerated pace.


Many students come to us worried about how to launch their business. They are concerned about the specific details of how to make money in real estate. They are not comfortable with many of the critical documents or even know how to get started.


 “FORE Institute teaches you the fundamentals”. 


Most new agents don't know how to lead generate or how to hold open houses that produce great leads. Many don't know the critical steps to avoid fail out in the industry. They don't even know how crucial it is to ensure their security while showing a property to strangers. We cover all the fundamentals and show you step by step what will help you succeed as an agent.